Friday, October 19, 2007


Last week,

I was astonished by a recent comment regarding Murule appearing on this site http://www.nfdonline.net/murele.html in which someone claiming to be talking about Murules purportedly was explaining why Murules are the enemies of NEP.

The Comments missed several point and I am obliged to put records straight for the sake of our people who from time to time are mis-understood.

The letter he showed in his comment( Click on the picture atatched) claims people from NEP of kenya have protested to the various Embassies represented in Kenya over the presence of the USA military and Humanitarian presence in NEP and the horn of Africa makes no sense.

Further, the learned freind describes what he saw in my comments as supporting USA presence in NEP because he says SUPREME COUNCIL OF KENYA MUSLIMS GARISSA DISTRICT and COUNCIL OF IMAMS & PREACHERS GARISSA DISTRICT have protested against the presence of the USA military and charity work and that represents the people of North Eastern Province.

Our learned freind didn't read what I wrote in http://www.nfdonline.net/comment.html regarding the same.It will be prudent for the same freind notes item number 3 in which I stated as follows:

" Attempts to portray clans as having same visions and aspirations are different. Whereas we can work with the USA government through a coordination committee from the Government or from any quarters, others can work with Alqaeda and vice-versa. We are at liberty with our conscience and hopes of our people".

He took it literally and am very sorry for him.

What I wrote was meant to be understood like this:

The letter he tries to show drafted by SUPREME COUNCIL OF KENYA MUSLIMS GARISSA DISTRICT and titled " NEP Objection to US Military " doesn't represent the views of all people from NEP except the ones from Garissa which happens to be part of NEP.The letter was written by a small section of NEP.

Murule are Somali people from NEP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murule ,who among others, have not been given the chance to represent their views before drafting the letter in Garissa Supreme Boardrooms.

The Somali people of NEP are of many clans and it will suicidal to interpret that Somalis from Garissa District "speak" for Somalis of the whole NEP.

Whereas you may have problems with the USA on certain issues and want to take them head-on, it may be different for other Somali people, say from Mandera or Wajir who would object to do the same.

That is according to their customs, norms, conscience and their hopes.

Although, Muslims from NEP of Kenya may have some issues with the USA, as in the case of that protest letter, it doesn't mean all Somalis from NEP sat down and agreed on what was written in that particular letter.If we sat, we may have agreed to disagree on various issues and came to a solution better than a protest letter which gains nothing.

If Somalis from Mandera, Wajir and Garissa have issues that can bring them together, then I think it will be prudent if they sit down together and write a joint protest letter or anything they deem can bring about change and which enjoins their visions and mission instead of writing letters in one particular area claiming to represents us all.

The author of the comments, should understand that, Item No.3 in my previous comment posted on his site, remains the same.

"Whereas we can work with the USA government or any other quarter through various ways , his GARISSA people can decide to work with Alqaeda and vice-versa. We are at liberty with our conscience and hopes of our people"...

If our people are happy with the arrangement we cut with others, why should someone judge them just because they don't share your ways of dealing with issues.Our Pople may be happy and that is our main concern.That doesn't make Enemies of Somali People of NEP.

It doesn't mean we are totally against our people but our people may formulate various ways of dealing and sorting their issues without having to protest like you Garissa want us to do.

You may protest and gain nothing but We may be quite and manage to sort out our issues diplomatically thus benefitting our people.

Furthermore, we have no grudge with anyone including the USA and anyone interested who wishes to come to Mandera East of Kenya is welcome. As we are Muslims, Our only problem may be universal that we share with other Muslims all over the world that also needs a different approach.

Our Mandera people have indeed benefitted from various US and Arab donor related projects including Building of schools, maternity wards and water drilling for our livestock.We hope those projects may continue in good faith.

Apart from that, our learned Commentator didn't have time to take notice the role Islamic Relief and other NGO's are taking to help the people of Mandera East Constituency and just jumps to conclusion about the USA's case.

That lack of sight and understanding issues from a close range, In particular, from Garissas angle of NEP will not make us enemies of NEP and I urge the author to desist writing unaccomplished essays.

Thank you,