Wednesday, October 10, 2007



As we cometo the election year, every community vote people of integrity and capable people who can transform the life of his people to the parliament.

Us here in MANDERA EAST, we are lucky that after a period of close to quarter a century, our hardwork is finally translating into fruits and we are seeing some development record, although compared to other neighbouring constituencies, we are way back.We still have to thank Allah for saving our people and their few animals when famine and drought broke on us two years ago.

To put Our community in perspective will not reveal so much but we have made great stride in matters of education as education has become a backbone in every society.Many families have enrolled their children in schools which have sprouted almost every corner of the constituency.

University student enrollment from the Murule community in particular increased considerably during the past 10 years through initiative from our leaders and Old men in removing obstacles to bursaries to secondary school students and so on.Poor students have now bursaries both from the Government either through the CDF or other donor agencies.

They can pursue their education better than it was 20years ago.

In Mandera, Students both boys and girls were joining Schools far away from their families.But Now through joint development through the CDF and other donor agencies like USAID, Islamic Relief International and CJTF-HOA based in Djibouti, we are seeing construction of secondary schools in both Arabia and lafey divisions of Mandera East as well as undertaking various other projects alongside.

The Murulles are also lucky to have benefitted from several USA, UK based NGO's and charities including The Civil Action projects, supported through the Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA), a U.S. led multi-nation group based in Djibouti, which has established a closer working relationships with local people of Arabia, Mandera East in order to end the threat of terrorism in the region.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya William M. Bellamy on January 2004, presided the construction of the Arabia Secondary School in Mandera District of Kenya's Northeastern Province. He was hosted by the area M.P., the Hon. Shabaan Isaak.

The Arabia Secondary School project is by far the largest of many similar "Civil Action" projects in Kenya by the USA and we hope the new Microsoft Unlimited Potential (UP) programme would target sectors that concern the youth in our region..

Over the past year U.S. military and counterparts in the Kenyan Department of Defense Projects have worked together on projects at various locations in that area.U.S. soldiers and the Kenyan military cooperated over the past several months on that project to refurbish and expand facilities at the school, located some 70 kms . south of Mandera town.

The Arabia Secondary School now has a library, a new dining hall and kitchen, and an additional classroom building. As a result, the number of students attending the school increased from 160 to 240.
The U.S. committed a total of 7.3 million Kshs. to underwrite the project, using local contractors and supplies.
Some other projects being undertaken by the Government through CDF include the following which have so far got completed.Some are on-going pending review and more budgetary allocations next year.

PROJECT STATUS REPORT 2005-2006 through 2007
Bulla Power Promote education Education (150,000) Completed
Border Point 1 Promote education Education (150,000) Completed
Lafey Promote education Education (500,000) Completed
Gari Promote education Education (500,000) Completed
Sala Promote education Education (300,000) Completed
Bulla Barwaqo Promote education Education (350,000) Completed
Kamor Promote education Education (150,000) Completed
Border Point 1 Promote education Education (350,000) Completed
Hareri Hosle Improve health care Health (300,000) Completed
Hareri Improve health care Health (1,100,000) Completed
Fino Improve health care Health (500,000) Completed
Bulla Mpya Improved security of equipments Security (900,000) Completed
40/01 Construction of 3 dormitories 3,000,000.00
040/02 Purchase of furniture-mandera Secondary School 300,000.00
040/03 Hareri Hsle Dispensary 1,000,000.000
40/04 Arabia Dispensary 400,000.
40/05 Hareri Dispensary 420,000.000
40/06 Boarder point one – water canal 500,000.000
40/07 Mandera community Library 200,000.00
Arabia Improve health care services Health(3,000,000) ON-GOING
Khalalio Improve health care services Health (2,000,000) ON-GOING
Administration & Secretariat 180,000.00 "
All Promote education Education (2,000,000) On- going
Lafey Promote education Education (400,000) On- going
Border Point 1Improve food security and income Security (400,000) On- going
Sarohindi Provision of water Education (100,000) On- going
Shafahfey Improve health care Health (900,000) On- going
Warankara Improve health care Health (3,500,000) Ongoing
Neboi Improve health care services Health (900,000) On- going.

A total 31,725,756/= (Thirty One Million, seven hundred and twenty five thousand, seven hundred fifty six Ksh)....... has been used to assist the community move it's feet from under-development.