Saturday, October 25, 2014


I think much has been said about the Proposed Mandera International Airport at Omar Jilaow, said to run into 1(One) Billion Kenya Shillings but Today, Our tirades goes to the Contract Holders of the Construction of the Proposed Mandera International Airport at Omar Jilaow, Mandera County.

What we are really worried off is: why the Contract Holders are pretty hiding themselves and just want their project in shadows. If the Project is for the good of the community, let them face us as locals and have a consensus on it for the good of the people.

Doing it in Shadows will create tensions and issues...why follow that route. Again, some facts need to be understood in regards to this:

Hon. Ibrahim Abdi Dalahow, One of our Upcoming Politician, was recently forced to stop the Construction at the High Court of Kenya, Milimani because we found our that, due processes have not been followed. To This Fact, There is a Constitutional Act (CAP 295 of the Laws of Kenya) that makes provision for the compulsory acquisition of private land by the state. Part II of that Act, sets out the procedures for compulsory acquisition of land,

Whenever the Minister is satisfied that the need is likely to arise for the acquisition of some particular land under section 6, the Commissioner may cause notice thereof to be published in the Gazette, and shall deliver a copy of the notice to every person who appears to him to be interested in the land (sect. 5).

Section 6 provides for notices of acquisition to be decided by the Minister who directs in writing the Commissioner to acquire the land compulsory under this Part. Where land is acquired compulsorily under this part, full compensation shall be paid promptly to all persons interested in the land. Where part only of the land comprised in documents of title has been acquired, the Commissioner shall, as soon as practicable, cause a final survey to be made of all the land acquired (sect. 17).

Part III deals with the temporary possession of land by a public body. Again the Minister is appointed to direct the Commissioner to take possession of the land required under section 24. The Commissioner may at any time of his own accord, by application in the prescribed form, refer to the Court for its determination any matters listed in section 28. Section 29 provides for appeal to Court by interested persons. (36 sections completed by one Schedule: principles on which compensation is to be determined)

In This case, We may say, a lot of Due process has not been reached and since this matter is now in the Courts, we May Not Delve on it so much. This said, Some of the Conditions for DUE PROCESS will be tabled once we reach a Meeting to discuss the Airport.