THE Mandera county government will employ 127 police reservists as a means of curbing insecurity. Governor Ali Ibrahim Roba said the officers will start working in December.
He said the officers will be paid Sh7500 monthly to motivate them to work harder and gather intelligence information. Roba was speaking at BaoBab Beach Resort-Diani Kwale on Sunday. He said the reservists will be deploy

ed in Mandera town.
The meeting was attended by all county representatives. It was meant to discuss development matters and how leaders can work together. Roba said the county government will purchase six four-wheel vehicles to be boost security patrols.
“Out of the 30 wards, only one wards that have been experiencing terror threats and so we treat it as a isolated problem to a given a small locality which is Bule Jamuhuri ward,” he said.
Roba said Bule Jamuhuri has been experiencing terror threats due to its proximity to Somali border. “We will do all possible to ensure security matters are take care of,” he said. Roba said the county goverment is establishing cross border relationships neighbouring counties to boost security.
“We are building across border relationship with our neighbors because when we are affected they are also affected so that we can jointly manage the issue of terror threats,’ he said.
“We believe as we move forward the threats of terror in the small town ward Bule Jamuhuri which is the only affected area will be reduced,” he noted.
Other areas which face insecurity is along Mandera Arabia Fino Lafey Road which residents complain is poor managed.